Things To Do At Dubai Marina


Get the most out of every minute at Dubai Marina with our tips on kid-friendly activities, Dubai's best attractions, water sports, bucket-list moments and delicious meals from cuisines around the world.

Major Attractions


Sky Diving In Marina

To put it simply, outdoor skydiving is what the professionals would describe as the “real” skydiving. You take a flight up to heights of upto 13,000 ft and jump, with a parachute strapped to your back

Take a Ride in Yacht Jaunt

Dubai Marina offers a number of water activities, however Yacht Jaunt is the most preferred among all. You can hire a personal yacht for your family to enjoy the beauty of the an Arabian ocean.

Fly Boarding

Flyboarding and hoverboarding with Searide Dubai is definitely the closest thing to flying freely above water. You can enjoy elevated views without having to jump from crazy heights

See, Thrill, Play


Sharks and Shipwrecks

Dubai’s warm waters offer scuba divers year-round diving and a host of five-star experiences under the sea. First-timers and experienced divers are catered for at Atlantis Dive Centre,

New Marine Thrills

This is technically a mini-submarine in the shape of a shark with a speed reaching up to 100kmph. It even mimics the tail movements of a real shark.

Kites and Parasailing

This uninitiated sport doesn’t require experience with manoeuvring through the wind, because you are pulled behind a boat on a parasail that will lift you up to almost 150m in the air.


Jet-ski tour is accompanied by a qualified instructor and you can go as fast as you like, for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

Alexandra Dhow Cruise

""Alexandra" is a 90 Foot Traditional Arabic 'Dhow' that has been refurbished into a quality floating restaurant. Alexandra is not purely a restaurant, its more of a holistic experience. The first component of the experience is the cruising through Dubai Marina and in the lagoon created by the palm Island. Seeing 'new Dubai' from the water really puts things in perspective in a way that a walk or a drive doesn't. A second component that makes Alexandra a bit different is the live entertainment we have onboard in the form of a 'Tanura' show and live music performance by a singer - something that is different to what is normally offered onshore. Lastly, we try our best to keep a very diverse menu with no corners cut on the catering. Our menu has 1 beef dish, 1 fish dish, 1 chicken dish, 4 sides, 5 salads and 5 kinds of desert as well as a clear seafood soup. We hope this to satisfy any foodies that may stumble into our venue." This is a comment in trip advisor by one of the guest. The cruise commence from the hotel door step. Contact reception for booking.

Dubai Marina Walk

Many people wonder what they’re supposed to do when they finally reach the world famous Dubai Marina Walk. There is plenty to do in the surrounding areas of the marina, including the Marina Walk, a beachfront paved walkway with 305 outlets and 69 restaurants to keep you entertained — not to mention active, as walking the whole area featuring seven km of pedestrian walkway will take you a full day!